Colgate Total Toothpaste

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Colgate Total Toothpaste

Colgate Total is an everyday toothpaste with 12 hour anti-germ activity. Colgate Total contains a unique, patented combination of triclosan, an anti-germ agent and copolymer. After the plaque has been disrupted through effective brushing, triclosan is retained on the tooth surface by the copolymer, where it can help prevent the plaque from reforming for up to 12 hours. More RSA dentists and hygienists recommend Colgate Total than any other toothpaste (Data on file, Colgate-Palmolive).

  • Clinically proven to provide a more effective level of plaque control compared to a regular fluoride toothpaste
  • Clinically proven to reduce existing levels of gingivitis and to reduce the progression of periodontitis
  • Contains Sodium Fluoride (1000ppm F) to protect against caries

Product Characteristics

Product Benefits

The copolymer ensures the delivery and retention of triclosan on the surface of the teeth and gums
Works to reduce gingival inflammation in 2 ways, 12 hour anti-germ protection and anti-inflammatory action
Works for up to 12 hours to help prevent bacterial plaque formation
Up to 98% plaque reduction and up to 88% reduction in gingival bleeding1. Clinically proven to reduce the progression of periodontitis2
Backed by the most extensive clinical research programme for a toothpaste - over 60 published clinical studies3
Safe and effective

1Garcia-Godoy F et al (1990) Am J Dent; 3 (Spec Issue): S15-26

2Rosling B et al (1997) J Clin Perio; 24: 873-880

3Panagakos FS et al (2005); J Clin Dent 16 (Suppl):S1-S20

Health Focus

Side Effects of Common Medications in the Mouth
Colgate has recently developed a continuing education programme that looks at the different side effects of a variety of drugs on the mouth, and how some can be effectively alleviated through simple modification of the patients oral hygiene regime. Read more