Colgate Total Dental Tape

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Colgate Total Dental Tape
Colgate Total® Dental Tape for interdental plaque removal.
  • Contains a coating of natural wax to slide comfortably between teeth
  • Available in 25m patient size
  • Also available coated in Chlorohexidine
The use of dental floss is proven to remove up to 80% more plaque between teeth when used as part of your daily oral care regime¹

Product Characteristics

Product Benefits

Single filament PTFE
Resistant to shredding, fraying and tearing
Slides more easily between teeth than conventional waxed floss²
Effective interproximal plaque removal

How it Works
Colgate Dental tape slides into the interproximal areas to effectively remove plaque
1. Council of Dental Therapeutics, ADA, Accepted Dental Therapeutics, (1994); 40: 222
2. Colgate Palmolive, Data on file
Health Focus

Side Effects of Common Medications in the Mouth
Colgate has recently developed a continuing education programme that looks at the different side effects of a variety of drugs on the mouth, and how some can be effectively alleviated through simple modification of the patients oral hygiene regime. Read more