Colgate Orthodontic Toothbrush

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Colgate Orthodontic Toothbrush

The Colgate Orthodontic toothbrush is professionally designed. It cleans teeth around braces and other orthodontic appliances.

Product Characteristics

Product Benefits

Long angled outer bristles
Specifically designed to remove plaque from the gingival margin.
Shorter inner bristles
Cleans tooth surfaces between orthodontic braces and around fixed brackets and wires
Long middle bristles
Reach deep, to clean interdentally
Travel cap
For portability, patients can take their toothbrush to school or away from home
Wider grip
Improved dexterity

How it Works
The Colgate Orthodontic toothbrush has a small head and bristles of various lengths for maximum plaque removal around fixed orthodontic appliances.
Health Focus

Side Effects of Common Medications in the Mouth
Colgate has recently developed a continuing education programme that looks at the different side effects of a variety of drugs on the mouth, and how some can be effectively alleviated through simple modification of the patients oral hygiene regime. Read more