Colgate 360° ActiFlex Toothbrush

Colgate 360° ActiFlex Toothbrush
An innovative brush with a flexible head and a cheek and tongue cleaner. It is designed to clean in all directions - to remove bacteria from your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums for a healthier whole mouth clean.

Product Characteristics

Product Benefits

Unique flexible head
Flexes from side to side as you brush
Helps bristles to clean around and in between teeth
Cheek and tongue cleaner
Gently cleans your inner cheeks as you brush
Removes odor-causing bacteria from tongue
Soft, massaging texture feels good while you brush
Conical tufts
Cone-shaped tufts clean along gums and in between teeth
Raised cleaning tip
Cleans hard-to-reach places in the back and between teeth

Health Focus

Side Effects of Common Medications in the Mouth
Colgate has recently developed a continuing education programme that looks at the different side effects of a variety of drugs on the mouth, and how some can be effectively alleviated through simple modification of the patients oral hygiene regime. Read more